Shoppacup Group C: Erkit vs. SirToby

Portal bug on .20?

Portals no longer go through the hedges, so when you fire a portal to a hedge it may connect and make a portal on the hedge. Annoying, but kinda makes sense. What doesn't make sense though is the Elastic band-like afterimage the hog leaves behind if teleported.

Yes, I know this is stuff that has to be found before releases but gimme a break I haven't installed gnu yet... skip to 2:00 btw.

Christmas mines don’t drop

This is just a test demo where I place some mines and then leave the game alone for over 15 minutes I guess. The mines don’t seem to sink in the land, see for yourselves.

This demo works in r9796 but probably not for other versions.

Spontanous mine drop in Christmas

This demo shows a tough Softcore game I had played against two other players.

But this is not the point here. The point of this video is that at one point in time, a mine which has been heavily snowed in spontanously drops out of the landscape. Keep an eye on the mine above Arnold and fast forward to 18:33 to see it in action.

Shoppa Cup, Randy vs krammer (Randy wins 2-0)

Shoppa Cup, Randy vs krammer (Randy wins 1-0)

Shoppa Cup, Randy vs Logan (Randy wins 2-0)

Shoppa Cup, Randy vs Logan (Randy wins 1-0)


SirTToby 2-1 S.D.


SirTToby 1-1 S.D.

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