CTF_Blizzard glitches

crash log

Shoppa Tournament

BHW[NZ] vs Cairo

Round 1 BHW[NZ] won
Round 2 BHW[NZ] won

Shoppa Tournament Sektor vs WildWolf

Nothing exciting. Lots of mistakes by WildWolf. One mistake by Sektor. WildWolf got first turn in both rounds but he got really unlucky placements in the second round.

I don't know if you can view this without the map i used, maybe you can, but to get it i located the eyes map, made a copy, and then added the lua script from the knockball map Big Grin listen for the funny water-skipping hedgehogs Big Grin

roperace bug (22.6.10)

Warning:You can not use the Demo, if you do not download the map "Roperace" at This version can be outdated.

The bug that hedgehogs do not die. Check at the beginning of turn 3.

Nice knockball game :)

Awesome game of knockball with couple of trickshots Smile

Roperace Gameplay Demo

Warning: You can not use the Demo, if you do not download the map "Roperace" at

The Gameplay of "Roperace". Have fun Smile.

Bug with Exploding barrels

Start to watch at 07:15 ...

0.9.13 bug using grenade on rope

Fast-forward to the end of Lobot's turn. Coming off rope and firing grenade causes the launch indicator to appear in mid-air.

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