The Hedge Particle Accelerator

A high energy hedge smasher ~

A machine that brings hedgehogs to a very high speed and then allows them to collide with a target. From studying resulting behavior of the hedgehogs and the target, scientists can deduce the structure and composition of these hogs.

Press s to fast forward through the construction phase.

Bug: Getting stuck in mid-ground using the rope.

You can fast forward (hold s key) till you hear a whole team commiting suicide after player leave - the bug occurs in the next turn.

Scripting fun

Yes, we have basic scripting engine! Geek

Strange thing with Blowtorch

You can pass through Indestructible Border and fall down to the sea Big Grin

A very long Shoppa game with unlimited time


The title says everything. its a shoppa game against myself with 48 hedges. im not taking the match seriously ;P

bazooka training

Another boring demo refering to "aiming training" forum topic^^


Quite boring demo which refers to forum topic titled "Aiming training"

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