vs Jose1711 & Goryv. Round 2

2:nd Tournament

Animal Mother & Tides lag vs. Jose1711 & Goryv.

Round 2

vs Jose1711 & Goryv. Round 1

2:nd Tournament

Animal Mother & Tides lag vs Jose1711 & Goryv


A mockery called "Hedgecannon"

P.S. You can skip building process by pressing s

Maximum Damage - Castle Map

Funny, 8690 damage in one stupid (but funny) hit. All hedgehogs die in one go Sad Smiley on castle map.

Killing 3 hedgehogs with one plane.

For fun, heres a demo of my killing three members of the enemy team with one RC plane.

Basketball map - problem with teams, number of hedgehogs etc.

Map is for 18 hegdehogs (when more - HW gives an error message that the map doesn't support so many hedgehogs).
I choose 4 teams (one for me and three AI-controlled). Then I assign 4 hedgehogs to each team, that makes 4x4=16 hedgehogs, which is less than 18. When I start the game one or more of the teams are with less hedgehogs.

First run: 2 teams with less hedgehogs: first team with only 2, second team with 3
Second run: 1 team with less hedgehogs: one hedgehog isn't present.

For screenshots visit the sticky thread in General Discussion->Give me head [windows]

Some wrong animation + telekinesis Smile

Basketball map - a few bugs I think

While playing it, a few strange things happened.
1.By falling with a rope from a hight that takes dmg, the animation of the hedgehog was as follows:
*roll over with closed eyes (normal, nothing here)
*stand still and hat appeared again (np here)
*display animation of hedgehog blowing itself with a detonator - happens when your hedgehog dies (although with 95HP after the fall + no detonator appeared).

2.Cake - this is from the map I think (it's at the end of the demo); the cake went downwards under my hedgehog (although it's solid ground) and kept walking on one place under it. Then it exploded.

Tournament final :Andrey vs Mkk-Bote Round 2

Tournament final :Andrey vs Mkk-Bote

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