It's here! Hedgewars 0.9.13 Released!

It's been a long time in the making, but it's finally here (if a few days late). We'd like to thank everyone who's contributed to make this the most polished, the most exciting and the most fun Hedgewars release ever.

There's a lot to see, so either read the changelog below or simply head to the download page now and grab it!

Below is a summary of the new features, this is not a complete changelog


  • many bug fixes
  • speed optimisations
  • many new hats, hats visible while using rope and blowtorch
  • Exploding barrels
  • AI uses new weapons, aware of fire, can fight in artillery mode
  • New options in ammo editing - crate probability, delays
  • option of semi-opaque hog name tags to avoid fail when land is hidden by name
  • new British voicepack
  • notification sound when people join your room
  • translation updates
  • contextual help when using weapons menu
  • 3d effect for waves
  • fade effect when starting/stopping game
  • new game modes - place hedgehog, king mode, randomise starts, allies share ammo, disable girders
  • shift + direction to turn without moving
  • view ammo menu when not your turn
  • new font for CJK text and better CJK detection
  • dud mines
  • hat reservation for donators (hats should be released to public in 6 months or so)
  • team flags
  • visual effects: dust on fall impact, smoke, shotgun shells, blink team name on start of turn, hogs pulling weapons out, falling flakes kicked by explosion and more
  • hogs react to throwing grenades / dynamite and when near them
  • graphic of crate contents when picking up weapon/utility
  • walk sound for hedgehogs
  • UFO changed to homing bee
  • splashes/droplets when things fall in the water
  • 45 degree bounce when throwing grenades
  • new bounce sounds
  • information on game rules when starting game
  • knockball map (scripted map)
  • Birdy weapon and poisoning effect
  • maze generator for new random maps
  • new crazy map template
  • new Olympics, Desert themes, visual updates to many other themes
  • Background texture for land for a 3d effect on explosions
  • frontend able to delete teams
  • ignore/friends lists in frontend
  • alt weapon preview on rope, parachute
  • updated options in frontend: independent toggles for frontend/game sound/music, select locale
  • More
  • lua scripting
    Lua scripting allows the easy creation of missions and special maps. Examples of this can be seen in the Knockball and Basketball maps, that are now scripted

We hope you enjoy this release, as always we look forwards to your feedback, we hope you have lots of fun and we'll see you all on the server.
Expect a new tournament soon!

P.S. Mac version is still uploading, and will be available very soon :) .. mac build availble, see download page :D

Making a hat is dead easy.
If there's no animation, is literally just copying the hat a few times at regular intervals.

Trivial in GIMP, Photoshop, Inkscape...

And yes, the main issue is making it look nice on the hedgehog, not creating the hat.

Not even that, if you use the template svg i posted on the hats thread you just need to draw it once, then its automatically cloned Wink Smiley

@Magik_18l & Palewolf
Thanks a lot

Thanks for the junior's propeller hat, just what I wanted.

Will donate again A++++


MoD allegedly wrote:

how much days take getdeb before updating version?

it's still 0.9.12 >.<

I actually wrote to the guys at PlayDeb, because they had 0.9.13 up, but only available for Ubuntu 10.04 (which is still unreleased). As it turns out, they do not plan to release 0.9.13 for any versions of Ubuntu lower than 10.04, so you can either run a beta version of Lucid Lynx, build hw 0.9.13 from source, or find another way to enjoy the game. From the reply I received:


Hello [redacted],
we have a very short team, right now we are 2 persons packaging & testing on our spare time. Ubuntu 10.04 is an important release so we want to make sure we will have all the current packages tested/available on it's release day. This is not our regular policy, we usually support both current an past version (adopting the release candidate as the current), however we believe that this time we will benefit more users with this effort even if we do sacrifice the updates for the current user base.

Thanks for your understanding.


Hey I am having a problem with new version.

everything runs smoothly and everything but

when I close the game, it turns my monitor resolution to 640x380.

It was originally 1024x600

I am using dell inspiron mini 10v and using ubuntu 10.04 desktop version.

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