Saving a map on a Mac

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I created a really cool map, and attempted to save it.

Unfortunately, it forces you to save every map as .hwmap file. If you change the name, say to hwmap, it will just save as a .txt file..

So if you save it as ".hwmap", it saves, but it becomes a hidden system file.

I finally figured out how to make it appear on my mac, but when I try to open it in hedgewars, it doesnt show any system files.. so I can't open it.

any suggestions?

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Well you need to NOT change the file format EVER when saving a map (to create less problems like this). Your best choice is to rename again to .hwmap and see if it will accept the file format. But it should since its .hwmap format.

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Try saving it as e.g. test.hwmap

That .hwmap is supposed to be a filename suffix. as in .txt or .bmp or whatever.

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macosx opens any file as text when they don't have an extension iirc
and placing a '.' before any name makes that file hidden (like any unix)
so i think you just need to call it something like "ANYTHING.hwmap" to fix your issue

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