Sometimes, violence is the only correct answer!


The shotgun is the most versatile weapon in Hedgewars. It can be used to kill hedgehogs, blast through barriers, and knock hogs into the water. It deals 25 damage per shot and has 2 shots. Each shot destroys a small part of the landscape, like a mini explosion.


  • Maximum damage per shot: 25
  • Number of shots: 2
  • Total damage: 50
  • Affected by wind: No
  • Charge to fire: No
  • Ends turn: Yes
  • Retreat time: 3s
  • Crate type: Weapon


Aside from just shooting hogs, several tactics may be used.

  • One of the easiest things to do with a shotgun is to knock a hog off something, or into the water.

  • A different approach to the previous tactic, is shooting the hog into a mine.

  • Another use for the shotgun is to break through barriers, and still have ammo to hurt a hog.

    1. A hole is made in the barrier.

    2. Once through the barrier, the remaining shot can be used to inflict damage.
  • One of the harder tactics is to make a hole in a girder (→Construction, and then shoot a hog so that it falls through. This is because creating the hole in the right location can be hard to do.

    1. Stand on top of the hog that will be felled. If you do not stand above the girder, the hole will not be deep enough, or you will hurt yourself.

    2. Next, shoot a hole in the girder. Aim further than where you want the hole to be. The hole will be closer than you think. Move off to the side afterwards.

    3. Finally, shoot the hog into the hole. If you placed the it correctly, the hog will fall in. If the hole was too close, the hog's momentum will carry it over. If it was too far, the hog will never make it.
  • A variation of the previous tactic is to shoot out the ground below a hog to inflict fall damage, or plop it into the water.

  • The suicide tactic is particularly effective with shotgun because the shots do not move hedgehogs much if aimed right. Don't use this attack with a hog over 18 health, preferably 17.

    1. Shoot the target hog normally. This will deal 25 damage.

    2. Then, stand on top of the hog, and aim down. This position will move the target hog the least.

    3. After that, shoot to deal 25 damage to the other hog, and 18 to yourself.

    4. Your hog will then self-destruct, dealing 27 damage, for a total of 77 damage if done correctly. This makes the shotgun more powerful than dynamite in this situation.
  • A defensive tactic is to create a hole to hide in. Just put two shots in a wall so that the second builds (Or should it be ”deconstructs”?) on the first.

  • One last tactic is to group hogs together so that the shotgun will deal more damage than if they were separated

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