GSoC project: Sprite engine overhaul - Weekly A&O report #2

Weekly A&O report Hi everyone! I'm back with a new weekly A&O, trying you to illustrate what changed since last week. As planned, I refactored the encoding of sprites. But imagages probably tell more than words:

The image to the right shows the old encoding sprites had. TTexture described a sprite/texture as a single, shared entity defined by it's width (s.w) and height (s.h), together with the actual image data of the sprite (the rect portion within the black rect). However due to hardware restrictions the actual texture might need to be of a certain size and thus to be larger.

The new encoding splits TTexture to two independant entities. A sprite now stores information about its size and references to physical image by storing a link to it and a position where the sprite is located.

This encoding allows to pack multiple sprites (red rects) into a shared image (black rect). Doing so may reduce the amount of unused empty space as well as the total count of black rects. Graphics hardware generally benefits from both.

Right now however each sprite (red rect) will be created together with a unique texture (black rect) and stored in the lowever left of it, mimicing exactly the original behaviour. The next step on this frontier obviously will be taking the rectangle packer and allocate multiple sprites within shared textures.

Before doing this step however, I'll continue with removing as much deprecated OpenGL1.x as possible and probably write some GL2 renderer.

So for next week most of the work will be reducing the FFP functionality and moving all GL related code, which will be affected by doing a change to GL2, to uRender.pas. Depending on the progress, I might already start with a GL2 replacement uRender.pas by then.


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