GSoC project: Sprite engine overhaul - Weekly A&O report #5

Hi everyone!

Time for this weeks A&O.

I've pretty much finished upgrading everything thats relevant to GL2+ and GLES 1.3+.
Meaning we should be more or less ready for ES2.
For the water rendering (It really just was a vertical gradient), I've added a seperate shader.

The only stuff thats still missing to be upgraded is the stereo draw mode.

For this week I've planned starting to finally integrate the rectpacker into the engine.
Both modes, GL2 and the original FFP GL1.x mode should benefit from this, as this reduces
the amount of times textures must be changed.

I'm as well trying to get an ES2 emulation layer on my desktop in order to find the last missing pieces, keeping the GL2 version incompatible.

Awsome job! Big Grin. Well I found no idea about between ES2 and GL2. More or less ES2 that they ready... I asked you later

I fogot what is my mind say? I find out again Wink Smiley

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