Releasing in one week...?

You read it right! The rumours were true! We can now safely announce a release plan!

Big Grin

0.9.18 is on its way, just in time for Hedgewars birthday, the 31st of October.

We've prepared some builds for you so that you can betatest the next release of Hedgewars and report any bugs you might find! In the rare case you find any, please add them here:

Let's see who's the first player to get past the 100th issue (but please check for duplicates before posting)

Third update: Congrats to vos for making it! Wink Smiley

By the way, if you have any translation update now it would be a nice time to submit it! Also, if you ever contributed code for Hedgewars and for some reason you haven't been added to the credits yet, get in touch with us immediately!!!

Update: The Windows build is ready!
Second update: The OS X build is ready!

The beta builds are being baked right now, and they might be hot for a while, we'll publish them very soon (tm)

Nice! Really looking forward.
Thanks in advance!

Hope for some nice modes, themes & weapons... Wink Smiley

Music in-game is off, what is the sound? WTF, please fixed...

Thanks for all the hard work Dev's have put in to this amazing game!


nice job guys!! Big Grin

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