Hedgewars evolves! (April fools)

We recently received a letter from PETA concerning how hedgehogs are presented in our game.

Here's an excerpt of above mentioned letter:

PETA allegedly wrote:

We were severely shocked when we found out about "Hedge Wars".
It is disgusting that the game encourages physical abuse and killing of hedgehogs !
Animal brutality is no laughing matter.

While your players are having fun killing hedgehogs in the game, those innocent animals are facing possible extinction as we speak !
Don't you have ANY conscience when it comes to other living beings?

If you do like hedgehogs you should instead help spreading awareness about their real-life grave situation rather than slaughtering them in digital form.

After quite a lot of discussion we realized that their concern was valid and that we want our game to have a positive impact on ethical thinking, rather than a negative one.

Eventually we decided to replace the hedgehogs on the front-line with TOMATOES, starting next release!!!

Also we decided to keep our beloved hedgehogs as the overseers of the tomato wars (just not involved into combat directly).

Bottom line: we will keep our dear spikey friends around without having a single one of them getting hurt anymore Smile

Yours truly,
The Hedgewars*-Team

* now with more vitamins!

Nooo... Sad Smiley

If you guys are really planning to change hedgewars into something else...

Why not Candy wars? Pumpkin Hat!
or even better...Lemon-wars! Lemon!

Nice try, but I bet everyone* knows it's April 1 Big Grin

P.S. was almost caught by the letter before reading the entire message

*if you don't, congrats on being fooled :P

Nexia allegedly wrote:

Why not Candy wars? Pumpkin Hat!
or even better...Lemon-wars! Lemon!

We actually checked if there is a tomato hat XD
If there had been one then we would have made it the default hat for all games on official server ;D

This surely will piss off the PETT; the People for the Ethical Treatment of Tomatoes. Wink Smiley

Even though it's pretty obvious it's a prank it's still pretty hilarious.


We can not use tomatoes because playing with food is ugly! There are many people hungry!

Yay for Vegetable Wars! (The tomato looks nice.)

And then, will say that you can not use tomatoes)

Maybe stones jaja

why didn't they say that to the creators of sonic
Sonic! Sonic! Sonic! Sonic! Sonic! Sonic! Deagle! Geek

Морнис allegedly wrote:

And then, will say that you can not use tomatoes)

i know right " there are hungry people in the world out there and your killing tomatoes

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