Happy Easter!

HAPPY EASTER to you and your families!

May the colored eggs be with you!

side note

Most of us developers are quite busy these days, but that doesn't mean we're idle in Hedgewars!

E.g. unC0Rr and nemo have been working hard on making map previews prettier and on enabling the game to preview script-generated maps (like ShoppaMap).

Also they are working on a new map generator for random maps - It will allow generation of extremly random maps that will look way morediverse and interesting than current random maps - while still being suitable battlegrounds!

Stay tuned - and see you on the battlefield!

Awesome! There should be an easter egg hat...

oh wait.

Great work, guys! Keep on with this wonderful game/comunity!

Looking forward to seeing the new changes in action. Smile

Говорю сразу вам) УДАЧИ! И Happy Easter)

I want that diagonal maze as desktop wallpaper

WRT wallpaper of the "maze"

That's pretty easy in the current 0.9.20 release even. Just go to Downloadable Content, install the script, restart.
Start a game using it with your favourite teams and theme.
Then zoom allll the way out and press precise + switch + label toggle at the same time (that is, left shift + tab + delete by default) to turn off game UI that would mess up your screenie.
Then, press the screen shot key (c)

Aaand, yes, I know you know how to do all of this koda, I just thought someone else might want to know how Smile

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