Flames are objects which burn through the landscape and deal constant damage to hedgehogs and some objects.

Flames are affected by wind and burn out after time and or when they deal damage to hogs, objects or terrain.
Flames get extinguished when they hit frozen terrain.

Flame types

There are two types of flames: normal flames and sticky flames. They look identical.

Normal flames quickly burn through the landscape and are always gone before the next turn starts. They deal between 1 and 6 damage per “hit”.

Sticky flames burn much slower and might last for multiple turns. When a sticky flame hits a hedgehog or object, it deals 2 damage, which destroys the flame. A sticky flame burns out after it burned on the terrain for a random length of time; it can be anywhere between 3 and 49.5 seconds. Sticky flames might also damage the terrain, but to a much lesser extent than normal flames do.

Things which make flames

These are the weapons and objects which crete flames, sorted by number of flames created:

Special flames

Normally, flames are harmless and deal no damage as long they are still in mid-air. This is not the case the mission “Climb Home” in which flames hurt the hedgehog even in mid-air.

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