Basic settings

The basic settings are a part of the game scheme configuration.

Basic settings overview

Here is a list of available basic settings:
  • Damage Modifier: Overall damage of most weapons, also affects pushback, but not explosion size. Notably, the hammer is not affected
  • Turn Time: Turn time in seconds
  • Initial Health: Initial health for all hedgehogs (In King Mode, the king's health may differ)
  • Sudden Death Timeout: Number of turns before Sudden Death starts
  • Sudden Death Water Rise: How much (in pixels) the water rises in Sudden Death per turn
  • Sudden Death Health Decrease: Damage each hedgehog gets per turn while in Sudden Death, but it can not die from it
  • % Rope Length: Length of all ropes in percent from the default
  • Crate Drops: The probability that a crate drops before a turn. Note that the values only a statistical average, the crates will not neccessarily actually drop “every second turn”. “Every second turn” means the probability of a crate dropping between turns is 1/2, for “Every third turn” it is 1/3, etc.
  • % Health Crates: The chance that a dropped crate is a health crate. Other crates will be either ammo crates or utility crates. See crate for exceptions
  • Health in Crates: How much health points you get for collecting a health crate.
  • Mines Time: Timer before mines explode. Random timer is a time between 0 and 5 seconds.
  • Mines: How many mines spawn on a new map on average. Note: This number is adjusted to a medium-sized random island and will be scaled for bigger and smaller maps.
  • % Dud Mines: How many percent of mines placed in the landscape are dud mines. Mines you manually placed will always have a 100% success rate, but mines from the mine strike are subject to this dud mine percentage
  • Barrels: Average number of barrels on a new map. Note: This number is adjusted to a medium-sized random island and will be scaled for bigger and smaller maps.
  • % Retreat Time: Percentage of how much time you get after an attack
  • World Edge: Choose whether you want to add two endless walls at the left and right side of the map. You can choose between the following:
    • None: There is no world edge
    • Wrap: Things which go through the world edge at one side will appear at the other side
    • Bounce: Everything will bounce off from it, there is no escape
    • Sea: The ocean will rise straight up at the edge instead of being flat. On Sudden Death, the left and right ocean walls will move towars the center.
  • Script parameter: Additional parameteter for “scripts” (styles and mission maps) for advanced configuration. This field is very powerful. In “Normal” mode, this field is ignored. When in doubt, leave empty. Please read the Script parameter page for detailed information on how to use this field

Sudden Death notes

  • To disable Sudden Death, set both Sudden Death Water Rise and Sudden Death Damage to 0.
  • If Sudden Death Water Rise is greater than 0 but Sudden Death Damage equals 0, there will be no graphical Sudden Death effects (only different music, but no change in water color or background).

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