The Wild Truth

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Heya. Okay guys, I know you're just about as mad at me for all the chaos that I've caused this year (or recently in general. However, up until now, I've been holding back my horrifying childhood story. But you know what they say, it's better late than never. So, here's my childhood story which should explain to you why am I so wild and "unhinged" lately:

When I was 3 years old, the local medics of my birthplace in Russia, Novouralsk have told my mother that I'll be paralysed and silent, won't be able to talk or walk (which my mother was determined to disprove and eventually disproved). Then, I got booted out of the kindergarten because the administration disliked me despite me being a soft cutie pie to everyone else, minding my own business with barely any conflicts with other kids and being the best kid in town for the kindergarten teachers. This second event is what caused a hole in my soul, that quickly grew to be my current embodiment. Getting booted out of the kindergarten made me anti-social to the world, covering in my shell and filling with desperation towards the humanity, which only grew stronger with every next year. And now, getting sociable is something that I try to achieve but I won't get it quick because the desperation of my 3-year old childhood events has taken over.

I hope you take this into account when trying to find the cause of my recent troll-esque behavior. Yours sincerely, Shadow The Worm.

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