The cake is one of the most accurate weapons on short distances. It can blow a birthday party doing 75 damage. It has the amazing capability to walk on any terrain and even defies gravity. To balance the weapon's power, it has a limited distance where it can walk. After going beyond it, the cake automatically activates its bomb mechanism.


  • Damage: 75
  • Affected by wind: No
  • Charge to fire: No
  • Works underwater
  • Ends turn: Yes
  • Retreat time: 0s
  • Crate type: Weapon

Usage Overview

Press Attack (default: space bar) to send the cake walking in your looking direction. Let it walk to your tarket. Press Attack again to make it stop and detonate. If the cake walked a long distance without you detonating it, it will become tired and explodes on its own.

If you stand very close to a cliff, you will drop the cake. Cakes can also walk underwater.

Warning: You can not move or retreat after you sent the cake walking.

Weapon's abilities

  • Can walk everywhere on ground (vertical, upside-down, horizontal)
  • If the victim is in its tactical radius, it can't miss
  • Can't jump or fly (see note below)


Detailed Usage Guidelines

Happy birthday, cadet! You've just obtained a nice explosive cake that you can blow anytime you want. Do not keep this in the refrigerator. It might react upon low temperatures and explode leaving you without the most precious food on Hogera—chips and beer.

Step 1

Choose a spot within the tactical reach of the weapon (after a couple of times you'll find that very easy).


  • Remember that cakes don't jump or fly. (Well, they usually don't walk either but that's not the point!) If you're on a piece of land that is separated from your target with water or worse—is in mid-air, don't use it. Especially in the second case your cake will make circles around you and after a couple of seconds detonates in your face. You don't want that.
  • Have in mind that the explosion from the cake is much powerful than a bazooka shell or a grenade.
  • Have also in mind that the cake can walk a certain distance. If the terrain is too folded, it'll need more time to walk it. Therefore it might not reach your enemy in time and detonate earlier.

Step 2

Release the fearsome cake and watch it walk towards your target.


  • During this time your hedgehog can't move.

Have a nice day. Big Grin

Step 3

When the cake reaches its target, activate the bomb inside the cake and watch your enemy scream in pain.

General Hints

  • The cake can walk under water if there's ground where it can do that.
  • If you are very close to a cliff, you will drop the cake instead of sending it running immediately.



No candles or robots were harmed in the production of this guide.

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