Flying Saucer


Need an extravagant extraction? Don't worry! This extraordinary extraterrestrial extravagance can be used to get you out of any sticky situation, as well as exact extreme vengeance on any extravehicular extremity you deem to be threatening!

Flying Saucer Hedgehog


The Flying Saucer is a highly versatile movement utility. It is similar to the birdy in piloting style, but can be armed with a variety of weapons and can also be piloted underwater. The flying saucer is not limited by an internal timer, but rather its movement is limited by its fuel. Any weapon droppable from the rope or parachute can also be fired from a flying saucer.


  • Weapon Slot 8
  • Lasts until fuel runs out
  • Usage can be cancelled at any time
  • Can be used in mid-air
  • Affected by wind: No
  • Can arm secondary weapon
  • Works underwater
  • Gives you 4 times the normal retreat time when using weapon underwater
  • Ends turn: No
  • Crate type: Utility

How to use

Pressing the fire key once (default: SPACE) will issue activate the flying saucer. Once activated, tap the up key several times to get airborne.

Tap the left or right keys to fire the maneuvering jets of the saucer and fly in those directions. The saucer will naturally descend rapidly if you stop pressing the up key, so keep tapping the key periodically to stay airborne.

Be careful not to tap up (or any direction key) too quickly or the saucer will fly off the screen resulting in large fall damage and/or the death of your hog.

While airborne, you may arm a secondary weapon by selecting it from the ammo menu (or by using the slot keys). Note however, that not all weapons can be armed. Once armed, the secondary weapon may either be dropped via the jump key (default: ENTER) or fired in the direction of the targeting reticule by pressing the Precise key and the jump together (default: LEFT SHIFT + ENTER). Aiming up or down is achieved by pressing the precise key and either up or down (default PRECISE + UP/DOWN).

The flying saucer is also able to swim underwater and even launch or drop weapons from below. Using any weapon while underwater gives you quadruple the usual retreat time of the weapon you used. For example, with a bazooka you get a retreat time of 12 seconds and with an air mine a whopping 20 seconds of retreat time!


  • Aiming with the saucer can be difficult while airborne, but you can adjust your aim at your leisure while you are still in the "floating" stage before firing your first jet.
  • Be careful to save enough fuel to land your Saucer smoothly, otherwise you may take fall-damage and end your turn.
  • Using the Low Gravity utility prior to using the Flying Saucer utility is a great way to decrease air/water resistance and save you fuel. This is especially true for the later case.
  • You can even fire weapons from underwater while using the flying saucer. This makes for a really pro-looking move if done right.
  • If you are in a bad position, using the flying saucer is a good way to get to a better position, pick up crates, and possibly attack an enemy from the air.
  • With practice, the flying saucer can be used to nudge hogs together, into mines, over cliffs, etc.


Check out the Flying Saucer in action as it cruises around Hogville during a meteor storm!


  • The flying saucer is often used to distinguish new players from experienced ones. New players usually don't realize you need to keep tapping the movement keys to pilot the saucer and thus prematurely end their turn shortly after activating the weapon.
  • For coding purposes: the gear is gtJetpack and the ammoType is amJetpack.


  • Release 0.9.12 - Flying Saucer added to the game
  • Release 0.9.19 - The ability to aim and fire weapons (even under-water) was added to the Flying Saucer

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