Old Limburger


The old limburger is a tactical weapon that when exploded, causes clouds of poison to float in whatever the direction of wind. Hedgehogs caught in the wind are effected by the cheese and are poisoned. Poisoned hogs lose 5 health points per turn.


  • Explosion damage: 20
  • Effect after explosion: creates 5 poisonous clouds
  • Timer: Adjustable (1s-5s)
  • Adjustable bounciness
  • Affected by wind:
    • Old limburger itself: No
    • Poisonous cloud: Yes
  • Charge to fire: Yes
  • Ends turn: Yes
  • Retreat time: 3s
  • Crate type: Weapon

Usage Guidelines

Although great with crackers this advance in cheese technology can be of great use in the battlefield!

  1. Find a target
  2. Set bounciness and the timer (1-5 seconds) for your cheese
  3. Mind the wind! Many rookies do not check the wind before attacking, This can result in the inhalation of the toxic fumes the cheese gives off
  4. Aim and shoot!

You can get more cheese at Lee’s Cheese Emporium, Where cheese aren’t for frees.

Poisoned hedgehogs are cured when they collect a health crate.

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