The latest invention of Hedgecogs, Inc. is the super-elastic rubberband, now made out of extra strong RubTex 2000® to meet the high demands of the military.


Rubber is a very elastic piece of placable land and useful for various purposes, such as evading fall damage, making your foes bounce into water, doing trick shots, protecting yourself from incoming shots, and much more!


  • Ends turn: No
  • Crate type: Utility


Use [Left] and [Right] to select one out of 4 rubber orientations. Use [Place] (=leftclick) on the spot where you want to place it.

It must be within the displayed range and completely in free air.


Once placed, the rubber becomes a (mostly) permanent part of the terrain. Laugh at the foolish enemies who try to blow it up, as almost everything bounces off the rubber.
Big Grin

Hedgehogs bounce off rubber without taking fall damage. Most explosive projectiles which normally explode on impact will bounce off.

These are the things which will not bounce off rubber:

If a projectile or object bounces for a long amount of time, it will eventually stop bouncing and may explode.

The surface of rubber is portal-proof, this means portals can not be placed on rubber.

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