Portable Portal Device


Start thinking with portals and teleport all the things with probably one of the most versatile (and most feared) utilities in Hedgewars!

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And remember: In Hedgewars, the portals are thinking with you, too! Wink Smiley


The portable portal device allows you to teleport hedgehogs, projectiles and objects between two points to which you have a direct line of sight.


  • Number of shots: 4
  • Can be used in mid-air
  • Ends turn: No
  • Crate type: Utility

How to use


Aim and press [Attack] to shoot a portal at the surface which is in a direct line of sight from your hedgehog's aim.

There can always only be two portals at the same time: An orange and a blue one. As soon as you open a portal of the same color, the previous portal of this color vanishes. You have 4 shots.

After each shot, the color of your next portal changes. With [Switch hog] (default: Tab) you can change the color manually.

Portals have to be placed at relatively flat surfaces. Usually the portals are rather tolerant, but they don't like rough surfaces and may refuse to open for you (and you lose one shot). Portals can never be opened on rubber and any other bouncy surface because it makes them feel dizzy.


The portals are known to have an intimate relationship: As soon as both the blue and the orange portal have been created, hedgehogs, projectiles and objects going into one portal will fly out of the other portal while keeping their velocity. The teleportation is instant.
A single portal in the map does nothing because it feels lonely without its beloved companion. Sad Smiley

Portals teleport almost everything as long it's not too big. Sticky mines are only teleported when flying, but not when they already stick to the land.

Portals stay open for the remainder of the turn or they have been replaced by another turn. At the end of the turn, all portals vanish. Of course, blowing up the land on a surface destroy the portal, too.

Emergency shutdown

It sometimes happens that an object hops between both portals on the floor with no end in sight, maybe when one portal is directly above the other.

Eventually, both portals are getting bored by this and simply stop teleporting an object when it has been teleported for a large amount of times.


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