ShoppaMap is a simple style which creates a random map which you can use for Shoppa games. It only affects the map, it does not alter the gameplay settings. Of course, you can use the ShoppaMap for other games as well.

To use this style, you first have to select one of the map types “Random map”, “Random maze” or “Random perlin”.

Script parameter

This style supports the script parameter. The Standard Format is used.

Use the slider below the map preview to change the distance between the land.

Add teamrope=true to the script parameter to make all ropes assume the color of the team of the hedgehog that uses it.


This style replaces the normal random map generation, the map generator settings have no effect. However, this script has no effect when you selected the map type “Forts” or “Image map”.

You can also use the map type “Hand-drawn”; the script will simply draw over your drawn map.

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