Hedgewars, it's a Blast!

This is the funniest and most addictive game you'll ever play - hilarious fun that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Hedgewars is a turn based strategy game but the real buzz is from watching the devastation caused by those pesky hedgehogs with those fantastic weapons - sneaky little blighters with a bad attitude!

Hogs on the nature theme

Game description

Each player controls a team of several hedgehogs. During the course of the game, players take turns with one of their hedgehogs. They then use whatever tools and weapons are available to attack and kill the opponents' hedgehogs, thereby winning the game. Hedgehogs may move around the terrain in a variety of ways, normally by walking and jumping but also by using particular tools such as the "Rope" or "Parachute", to move to otherwise inaccessible areas. Each turn is time-limited to ensure that players do not hold up the game with excessive thinking or moving.
Weapons! In need of some serious firepower?

A large variety of tools and weapons are available for players during the game. Hedgewars features the standard artillery-genre classics (such as Grenade, Cluster Bomb, Bazooka, Shotgun), but also boasts a host of other weapons quite unique to it alone.

Most weapons, when used, cause explosions that deform the terrain, removing circular chunks. Hedgehogs can die by drowning, being thrown off either side of the arena, or when their health is reduced (typically from contact with explosions), to zero. Damage dealt to attacked hedgehogs is shown only when all movement on the battlefield has ceased).

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