so delicious and moist Maximum damage: 70 (without extra damage)
Affected by wind: no
Charge to fire: no
Type: Walking bomb


The cake is one of the most accurate weapons on short distances. It can blow a birthday party doing 70 damage. To balance the weapon's power it has a limited distance where it can walk. After going beyond it, the cake automatically activates its bomb mechanism.

Weapon's abilities

  • can walk everywhere on ground (vertical, upside-down, horizontal);
  • if the victim is in its tactical radius, it can't miss;
  • can't swim, jump or fly (see note below);


Usage Guidelines

Happy birthday, cadet! You've just obtained a nice explosive cake that you can blow anytime you want. Do not keep this in the refrigerator. It might react upon low temperatures and explode leaving you without the most precious food on Earth - chips and beer.

Step 1.
Choose a spot within the tactical radius of the weapon (after a couple of times you'll find that very easy).

i) Remember that cakes don't jump, swim or fly (well, they usually don't walk either but that's not the point). If you're on a piece of land that is separated from your target with water or worse - is in mid-air, don't use it. Especially in the second case your cake will make circles around you and after a couple of seconds - detonate in your face. You don't want that;

ii) have in mind that the explosion from the cake is much powerfull than a bazooka-shell or a green grenade;

iii) have also in mind that the cake can walk a certain distance. If the terrain is too folded, it'll need more time to walk it. Therefore it might not reach your enemy in time and detonate earlier.

Step 2.
Release the fearsome cake and watch it walk towards your target.

iv) During this time your hedgehog can't move. If you have released it and have neglected hints i) and ii), you're doomed.

Have a nice day.

Step 3.
When the cake reaches its target, activate the bomb inside the cake and watch your enemy scream in pain.

v) Cake can walk under water if there's ground where it can do that.


Do not try to recreate the cake in the real world. Some people might not appreciate the idea of their heads blown off by a birthday cake.

All controls in this guide are assumed to be default.

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