0.9.17 Released!

Time for 0.9.17, or the belated anniversary release!

Well, initially this was supposed to be a quick release to fix a few bugs in 0.9.16 and throw in a feature or two.

But, things took a couple of weeks longer than planned, and along the way, some other fun stuff got added!

Let's see... New theme, Cave. Fight amongst translucent crystals in a cave underground, endless dripping builds up stalactites and stalagmites, and the light from outside illuminates the cold gray world.

New voicepack, Hillbilly. 'Nuff said? Yeehaw!

AI is now smarter. Now with the ability to switch hogs, you may find it is not quite as easy to defeat a horde of AI as it used to be. More improvements planned in future.

Frontend revamp. More attractive missions screen, timestamping and links in chat, DLC page refreshes on access, chat styling, and a fix for a frontend crasher.

Ice. This is for a future ice gun, but for now you can try it out on the bridges and girders of the Snow/Christmas theme, or on any static map with a mask that uses blue.

A number of small graphical tweaks. 3D modes should look more 3D now (clouds/flakes), girders don't leave windows when placed in blowtorch tunnels, static maps can now have background land.

Aaaand of course, the bugfixes...

See the ChangeLog as usual for a bit more detail.

Well, congrats on releasing...

Starting download in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...


Dont download if you want to see others playing, I see only game lobby when I try to watch other games

Erkit, that's a server bug.
It is in 0.9.16 as well.

unc0rr will restart the server when there are fewer people online.

I'm not sure *when* he plans to do it, but FWIW, the time the server is least busy ~06:30 UTC

also, you can spectate if you were there at the start, server just isn't sending room state when in progress correctly...


Oh, haha.

I thought it was just me.
Anyways, fun new changes.

Goob job ! But always not in the playdeb repository... Nevermind, let's compiling ! Very goob job, you're gods !

Icy girders make the 002 mission from the dlc mission pack much harder. I guess they should change their theme.

If anyone is looking for openSUSE builds, I made some HERE using obs. (If you use a different version, change it in the search dropdown.)

Thanks Alec, yes I was. Smile

Gosh! I still have to complete Italian translation on newest things since 0.9.15... too fast, guys! Big Grin

Nice!! Smile but 9.0.15 is not much more mode... so I download 0.9.17. Better version Big Grin Mp3!

I'm not sure how I get 3D mode? But HillBilly voice is really funny Big Grin. I'm sure I like it, but not much more team voice (Only have 4 team with HillBilly). 0.9.16 is alot of bug in there Sad Smiley.

LOL the bugfixed Big Grin

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