GSoC project: Sprite engine overhaul - Weekly A&O report #4

Hi everyone!

As promised last week, we now have a GL2 version that uses GLSL 1.20 shaders (with a few compatibility propfile features) to render everything.
I've as well replaced all projection related code by using a plain uniform matrix.
This is an essential step towards the non FFP using GLSL 1.30+ transition, which we will need for ES2+ or GL3+ only systems.

So far everything, but the water rendering, runs smooth.
I did not decide, yet, if I shall honor per vertex coloring for all sprites or if we'd have
an additional, independant render pass for the water, as only the water requires this feature.

By next week I hope to have a fully functional GLSL 1.30+ pipeline.
The major changes involved here, are replacing all gl*Pointer stuff with attributes,
as well as removing some leftover FFP state as glColor to uniforms.

Once this is done I'll need to rewrite the stereo rendering, which, due to using quite some FFP, is most likeley broken at the moment.
At that point we should pretty much have forward and backward compatibility ranging from GL1.1 to GL4.x and I can finally start with the actual atlas optimization, which I already prepared two weeks ago.

Awesome! Keep us posted! Big Grin

Nice! Big Grin :D Melon

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