Description des armes et leurs dégâts.

Bazooka. Attaque vos ennemis au moyen de projectiles balistiques qui peuvent être influencés par le vent. Attaque en maintenant la touche Tirer pour tirer avec plus de puissance. 50 dégâts au maximum théorique, en général 46.
Shotgun. Attaque vos ennemis avec un shotgun qui tire deux coups. Grâce à sa propagation, vous n'avez pas besoin de toucher directement votre cible. Attaque : tirer (plusieurs fois). 50 dégâts si les deux coups sont tirés parfaitements - 2 coups par tour.
Fire Punch. Get close and personal to unleash the power of this almost deadly martial arts technique. Attack: Perform the Fire Punch.blalabla
Mine. Keep your enemies away by dropping a mine in narrow passages or right below their feet. Be sure to retreat before you trigger it yourself! Attack: Drop mine next to your feet.Bla.
Air Attack
Air Attack. Call in an airplane to attack your enemies using a bombing run. Left/Right: Determine attack direction Cursor: Select target region.
PickHammer. Move underground! Use the pickhammer to drill a hole into the ground and reach other areas. Attack: Start or stop digging.
Homing Bee
Homing Bee. Launch an explosive bee that will lock on the selected target. Don't shoot with full power to improve its precision. Cursor: Pick target Attack: Hold to shoot with more power.
Cluster Bomb
Cluster Bomb. Attack your enemies using a cluster bomb. It will split into smaller bombs once its timer reaches zero. 1-5: Set grenade's timer Attack: Hold to throw with more power.145 max damage theoretical, usualy 50-80 with good placement...
Grenade. Attack your enemies using a simple grenade. It will explode once its timer reaches zero. 1-5: Set grenade's timer Attack: Hold to throw with more power.
Desert Eagle
Desert Eagle. Not sure about your aiming? Use the Desert Eagle to attack using up to four shots. Attack: Shoot (multiple times).
Whip. Not just for Indiana Jones! The whip is a useful weapon in many situations. Especially when you'd like to shove someone off a cliff. Attack: Strike everything in front of you.
Dynamite. Brute force is always an option. Drop this classic explosive next to your
enemies and retreat. Attack: Drop dynamite next to your feet.
Mine Strike
Mine Strike. Call in an airplane to drop several mines in the target area. Left/Right: Determine attack direction Cursor: Select target region.
Blow Torch
Blow Torch. Need shelter? Use the blow torch to dig a tunnel into solid ground granting you cover. Attack: Start or stop digging.
Mortar. Shoot a grenade-like projectile that will release multiple bombs upon impact. Attack: Shoot at full power.
Water Melon
Water Melon. Throw this juicy watermelon at your enemies. Once the timer expires, it will split into several explosive pieces. 1-5: Set watermelon's timer Attack: Hold to shoot with more power.
Sniper Rifle
Sniper Rifle. The sniper rifle can be the most devastating weapon in your whole arsenal, however it's very ineffective at close quarters. The damage dealt increases with the distance to its target. Attack: Shoot (twice).
Baseball Bat
Baseball Bat. Get rid of enemy hogs by batting them over the map borders or into water. Or how about knocking some mines to your friends? Attack: Bat everything in front of you.
Cake. Happy Birthday! Launch this cake, let it walk right next to your enemies and let them have an explosive party. The cake is able to pass almost all terrain but he might detonate earlier this way. Attack: Start the cake or let it stop and explode.
Napalm. Call in an airplane to launch a powerful napalm strike. With proper aiming this attack can eradicate huge parts of landscape including unlucky hogs sitting there. Left/Right: Determine attack direction Cursor: Select target region.
Drill Rocket
Drill Rocket. Short time after launching this rocket, it will start drilling through solid ground and explode once its fuse is triggered or it resurfaces again. Attack: Hold to shoot with more power.
Hellish hand-grenade
Hellish hand-grenade. Let hellfire rain onto your opponents by using this fiendish explosive. Don't get too close to the explosion as smaller fires might last longer. Attack: Hold to shoot with more power.
Sine Gun (beta)
Sine Gun (beta). All those physics classes have finally paid off, launch a devastating Sine wave at your foes. Watch out, this weapon packs quite a kick. (This weapon is incomplete) Attack: Shoot.
Kamikaze. If you have nothing to lose, this might be quite handy. Sacrifice your hog by launching him into a specific direction hurting everything on his way and exploding at the end. Attack: Launch the devastating and deadly attack.
Ballgun. This is nothing for small kids! The ball gun fires tons of small colored balls filled with explosives. Attack: Shoot at full power Up/Down: Continue aiming.
Piano Strike
Piano Strike. Make your musical debut an explosive success! Drop a piano from the heavens, but beware... someone needs to play it, and that may cost you your life! Cursor: Select target region F1-F9: Play the piano.
Mudball. Piss off your enemy by throwing at him the Mudball. While the Mudball hit itself does very little damage, when thrown at enemy who stand on the edge of the cliff, the falling will hurt a lot!.
Molotov Cocktail
Molotov Cocktail. Set some ground on fire using this bottle filled with (soon to be) burning liquid. Attack: Hold to shoot with more power.
Flamethrower. Cover your foes with sizzling liquid flame. Heartwarming! Attack: Activate Up/Down: Continue aiming Left/Right: Modify spitting power.
RC Plane
RC Plane. The RC plane is the ideal weapon to collect crates or attack far away hogs. Either steer it into enemies or drop some bombs first. Attack: Launch the plane or drop bombs Long Jump: Let the valkyries ride into battle Up/Down: Steer the plane.
Drill Strike
Drill Strike. An air strike that drills through terrain. helpful for killing low-life hogs hiding under a overhang..
Birdy. The evidence nature might even top the flying saucer. Birdy can carry your hog around and drop eggs on your enemies! Attack: Activate and drop eggs Up/Left/Right: Flap in one direction.
Old Limburger
Old Limburger. This isn't just cheese, it's biological warfare! It won't cause an huge amount of damage once the timer reaches zero but it will definitely poison anyone unlucky to touch the smell! 1-5: Set grenade's timer Attack: Hold to throw with more power.
Hammer. Why should the moles get all the abuse? Wacking a hog can be just as fun! A good blow from this hammer will shave off one third of a hog's health and plunge them underground. Attack: Activate.
Sticky Mine
Sticky Mine. Double the fun with two spiky, sneaky, sticky mines. Set up a chain reaction or defend yourself (or both!) Attack: Hold to shoot with more power (twice).

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