Graphics Revamp

Once again I'm updating graphics and giving the game a little bit of an extra polished look.
This time round is high res backgrounds!
A number of themes are getting very pretty high res images as part of the backdrop, carefully blurred and darkened so they don't confuse the foreground.

Ignore the random lines through the water/some of the background, that's just a small bug with zooming right now. Nothing to worry about

Images a go go!
Click for full size

Nature Theme
City Theme
Island Theme

Very nice. Looks much much better now. ^^

Please let the bath theme be fixed... the goggles, they do nothing! Smile

I'm going to work on the bath theme, fear not!

You should use thumbnails ( or JPEG Wink Smiley )- around 7 MB to display this page.

IMO. you could save a lot of resources by dropping the animation (rain, stones, snow, flowers, whatever) in the background. It does not add to the game play. Besides, a busy background gives the player the impression that those images are in the way of jumping, shooting, etc. I would vote for a less busy background. If you need it, make it blurry.

@Smaxx - agreed on jpeg. General rule is if there are gradients/blurs/photos use jpeg - solid blocks of colour, png.

@Mazama - if you don't like the animations etc, just enable Reduced Quality - the main purpose of that is to remove animations. You'll probably double your FPS.


shiny updated themes, look "much more" nicer now Smile

These look great!

Themes are good and i would say that there must be a FIRE based theme and that will add and extra attraction in (URL REMOVED)

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