Those crazy Shoppas

Wow, nice Shoppaaction again!
How did you do the Bubbles-effect while the Ninjas playing?

Thomas, the shoppa player was using a hacked client to continuously spawn new "graves".
Kind of hard on the engine if that is done for any significant length of time.

Quite a few things iterate over the gear list. since graves are standard gears, not visual gears, adding that many of 'em means some real performance hits over time.

nemo allegedly wrote:

Thomas, the shoppa player was using a hacked client to continuously spawn new "graves".

Actually I wasn't using a "hacked client". I read the source code to discover the chat command that spawns a new grave and just used my keyboard (Logitech G19) to continuously type that command (quickly). It's a macro mixed with a secret command.

I only do it as the last move in the round so the graves don't annoy people throughout the round with the exception of the round in this video which was just for the video.

Ah. My mistake. Then it was another one of the shoppa players who rewrote the commands to simplify the shortcuts, they were asking for help in building last year, which was why I latched onto that as the obvious explanation for grave spam.

Macroing it I guess is technically not hacked. Negative results are the same but I guess if you use it responsibly, not a big deal.

And hey, if you don't use it responsibly, we just don't play w/ you. No problem. :-p

Yikes, after looking at that, I suck at the rope Big Grin , I need to do more Shoppa. I'll practice this weekend, Cool grave spawn.

just a small message to thx Dj List for having inclued me (me_ !) in the video of shoppa compilation of hedgewars 'caus i really like this games and its a honor for me (me_ !! Smile) to be a member of all the players who participate at this compilation ! one thx also has all others players to bring me (me_ !!! omg ... ) so much plaisure has to play and i hope to be still able to take more and more plaisure of all you !!
Big kisses has all produce you on ropes !!! LOL

Me_ (for friends) Smile


yeah, good job!! Big Grin

See me compilation 3? Big Grin Claymore best.

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