some weapons taken in crates not available

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I made an rcplanes mode with the following settings:

* weapon set: infinite rcplanes, 2 blowtorches, 2 ropes, 2 pickhammers, 2 parachutes, 1 switch hedg
* probabilites: 1 each, 0 for rcplane
* ammo in boxes: 1 each
* delay: 0 each.

It works fine except that some weapon taken in boxes (ballgun for instance) are not available. I suspect all weapons in the rcplane row (f5).

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Reproducible here. To clarify, after picking up a ballgun, it doesn't appears in your weapon list.

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Known bug. Basically an issue w/ how current code keeps track of weapons by slot index.
Isn't fixed in .14 but is definitely on the list.

Is partially related to the bug with using alt weapons in flying saucer if you are on your last saucer and you have a birdy. Or using alt if on last parachute. That one *is* fixed, but could be fixed better IMO

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