Extension of weapon scheme: Number of uses per 1 ammo

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I suggest to add a new category for weapon schemes.

The new category should determine the number of uses (“shots”) the player has with one activation of the weapon. The number must be at least 1.

Example: If you set the number of shots for the shotgun to 1 in the weapon scheme, you can only shoot 1 the shotgun once per turn.
You could also set the number of uses of the bazooka to 5, meaning you can shoot 5 bazookas in one turn. Big Grin
Many crazy things would be possible.

I suggest the following default values (they are the same values as Hedgewars currently uses anyways):

  • Rope: infinity (number of subsequent shots)
  • Portal Gun: 4
  • Pistol: 4
  • Shotgun: 2
  • Sniper Rifle: 2
  • Sticky Mine: 2
  • Cleaver: 2

The rope is special here. Here the number of uses determines how many times the rope can be attached again. Currently,
you can repeat this as often as you wish with only a single rope.
The rope is also special as it is the only ammo type where the number of shots can be set to infinity. Maybe it could make sense to
allow infinite shots for other ammo types, but only for testing.
If the value is finite, like 4, then it should work like this: The first attached rope counts. If the hog then detaches, then attaches again
still in mid-air, there are now only 2 uses left. Repeat, 1 use left. Repeat, no use left. The rope is still attached, but if the hog
detaches, it cannot use the same rope again, and it MUST stand on the ground again. For more rope, the hog must use another rope "ammo".

For technical reasons, some weapons should not be configurable in the number of “shots”, because this does not really apply to them.
It is implied that they have 1 “shot”. The weapons are:

  • Piano Strike
  • Kamikaze
  • Invulnerability
  • Laser Sight
  • Vampirism
  • TimeBox
  • Skip turn
  • Switch hog
  • Low gravity
  • Extra damage
  • Extra time

Everything else is configurable and the default number of uses is set to 1.

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This would be a fairly significant engine change at present. Probably doable, just a bit convoluted. Multishot code is kind of a mess.

Oh, what the heck. 1PLXzL1CBUD1kdEWqMrwNUfGrGiirV1WpH <= tip a hedgewars dev

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I have also thought about this.

This feature could make some weapons more interesting like scaling on extra damage, if set as "2" then if the user activates it twice then the extra damage is extra*extra. 3 gives extra*extra*extra ...

switch hog could be tweaked to be used max 3 times during a game and then goes as disabled.

kamikaze could specify like extra turns ducing your "death act". So if set to two then when you use it it will stop at the point where it would explode now, and give you the opportunity to make another go from that position, or if no more goes then explode.

Well now im probably imagining too much :P

Anyways i plusvote this opinion.

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How 'bout multiple strikes with reduced damage? #addingcomplexityintothegame

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