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Hey, hogs! I thought I'd update you with something I think is finally functional enough to be included in the upcoming .22 release. If you can bear my terrible, raspy voice and strange accent, check it out!

Otherwise, if words are more your thing, feel free to go read the wiki article I've started to work on here -> HedgeEditor.

We're back for realsies! PAotH Comics 106-110

Another long break, but the Hedgewars PAotH comics are back, for now! Catch up on earlier comics here:






Hopefully this time I won't take another long hiatus. ;)

Upcoming(?) art theme adjustments

(top = old, bottom = new)

Thank you, Mr. Iwata.

"On my business card, I am a corporate president.
In my mind, I am a game developer.
But in my heart, I am a gamer."

Satoru Iwata
1959 – 2015

HH - Hedgewars in Homebrew

Hey everyone, long time no see.

This is an announcement for Mac users all over the world, Hedgewars is available in homebrew -!

This heavily simplifies building requirements, emulating a linux package manager with the simplicity of OSX. The instructions are fairly straightforward once you have Homebrew installed (check the link above if you don't).

Open a terminal and just run

brew tap homebrew/games
brew install homebrew/games/hedgewars
brew linkapps hedgewars

and it will download the latest stable binary! If you want to customize your version (for example to enable video recording or local server) check the various options with

brew info homebrew/games/hedgewars

Now if you want and try the bleeding edge version, for example a beta (hint hint), now you can just do

brew install homebrew/games/hedgewars --HEAD

Feel free to report any problems and positive feedback in this thread! Cheers

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