Ice bomb

Skip the start by holding "S"

This is just a random ice bomb thing I did Frozen hog!

Unexpected round

Who will win?
Can there be more fails?

map 19 racer demo to show the game ended normally

As the name says

Near the end, AI send a cake to kill me, probably to push me in water, but fail to detonate it....

Menu: Spacetrip Part 2

Menu: Spacetrip Part 1

Training maps: Basic Rope Training

get out there and swing!

Training maps: Teamwork

somethimes, love hurts

EPIC Dangerous Ducklings Victory

Dangerous Duckling is one of the rather easy Hedgewars missions.
This demo shows an epic way to win. It's a surprise. Big Grin

However, I did NOT do this intentionally.

(And yes, this is technically a victory since Instructor stays alive and is part of my team.)

This demo works with the current developer version only (between 0.9.22 and 0.9.23).

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