Old screenshots


0.9.15 Christmas theme
0.9.15 Hand drawn map preview
0.9.15 Hand drawn map in game
0.9.15 Drill strike 0.9.15 Nature theme
0.9.15 Control map 0.9.15 Capture the Flag, Blizzard map


Explosion Explosion
Explosion A cake!


Hedgehog with Bazooka Shooting with shotgun
Bazooka Hedgehog on rope!
Blowtorch Dynamite explosion

0.8.0 - 0.9.2

Blow Torch in action Air Attack
Exploded cluster bomb Cluster bomb clusters can cover large area, making damage to many hedgehogs
Bazooka is not very effective in face-to-face fight and should be used with care
Mine gives you five seconds to run away Dynamite has more power than mine
At the beginning of the turn, green arrow appears above hedgehog who takes turn
Rope allows you to be where your opponent didn''t expect to see you
The bot is thinking Bot took aim at two near-standing hedgehogs, summary damage is maximal
Surprise! It is very dangerous to stay near the edge
Flying tag shows hedgehog damage Bots very like using bazooka
Another example of using rope Main page
Select demo and watch it! LastRound is the last round you played A page for a quick match against computer
Configuration page Team configuration page
About page Multiplayer page: choose teams and play with your friends, computer, or even watch computer playing against himself
Net connect page Net game page with chat widget

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