Desert Eagle


The Desert Eagle (also called “Deagle”) is one of the basic weapons. If a bullet shot from this pistol hits its target, it always pierces the body of the victim taking 7 damage. A barrel contains 4 bullets so in one turn the player can cause 28 damage.


  • Damage per shot: 7
  • Number of shots: 4
  • Total damage: 4 · 7 = 28
  • Affected by wind: No
  • Charge to fire: No
  • Ends turn: Yes
  • Retreat time: 3s
  • Crate type: Weapon

Weapon's abilities

  • Pushing your enemies into the water, from a cliff or towards a mine by shooting at them
  • One of the few weapons not affected by the “Solid land” option enabled
  • can hit (and push) multiple targets (foe and ally);
  • can hit and push mines (experts only!)


Usage Guidelines


Congratulations on your acquisition of the Desert Eagle pistole, please read this guide fully before attempting to operate the Desert Eagle. Do not use this weapon for playing Russian roulette. It is real and may cause to severe injuries even painful death. Try a plastic toy-pistol instead. Wink Smiley

Step 1

Take up a position like in an old fancy Western. Screw your eyes like Clint Eastwood so that you look bad and strike terror into your enemies. Now aim!


  • Try to aim at someone who's on the edge of a cliff, a slope, near a mine or with a bunch of other guys on his tail for maximum effect

Step 2

Shoot! After each shot your target will probably roll in some direction (if it's not stuck somewhere). So you can move and take a better position for another deadly shot. A brief delay is needed between every shot (but it doesn't reduce your turn time).


  • Especially on maps like BambooPlinko or Bubbleflow each shot can bring you one more dead enemy
  • For easier aiming, you can always use laser sight (that's not very impressive, though)



Although this weapon is very accurate (in the right hands of course), it can cause damage to your enemies and to your own team if not used with caution.

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