Hedgewars is going to be Closed Source

Dear all,

Update: Yes it's an april fool :)

all Hedgewars source code has been acquired by a company named Lirpa Sloof. All the copyrights will go to the acquirer: they will continue development and decide a new business model for this game, making periodic releases and perhaps inserting ads while in game.

All the process is under strict NDA and unfortunately noone is allowed to give any further detail about this acquisition; moreover developers have signed effective-immediately contract that forbids to re-licence the current sources, as well as users to download and compile the game.

I'm sure the new company controlling development will take care of the current userbase and will lead this game under a new shining direction, even if sources won't be available any more.

This is going to be into effect from today, April 1st 2011.
Good luck,


nobody can fool me;
lirpa sloof = april fools reverse...
Nice one though...

You're awesome!

And... where's my prize ? Wink Smiley

You're lucky that we have the first of April. Otherwise I would cry, and you don't want that, do you?

*Yawn*, so many of these turning up on the blogosphere.

April Fools pranks get a better result when you break them out a day or two before the 1st. Maybe next time. Smile

Lirpa sloof? seriously,you couldn't come up with a better name?

When I read this,it took me around 6 hours until i realized this was an April Fools trick. Wink Smiley

dang i got really worried when i saw this.
then i remembered April fools and smiled Big Grin

Lol, happy first of April!

Prima Aprillis Smile

Really, was it first April, u couldn't believe how I was despaired.
So cu soon
THx Koda

oh, no! now all the modifications that i did to the game are going illegal!! Sad Smiley

oh, wait! It's april fool's Day Big Grin

Lirpa Sloof is now my favorite company. Big Grin

...And the developers lived happy and wealthy Smile

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