Space Campaign, Welcome to the planet of frost

Hi all,

I've been silent the last couple weeks. Unfortunately my work have left a bit behind due to some personal issues but I am working extra hard to get back on schedule.

I have finished just today the ice planet mission. Here you can have a peek at the map.

Story is that the bandits' leader (blue hogs) have accidentally found a part of the anti-gravity device and now our hero has to take it back.
However things aren't so easy as due to the extreme cold most of hero's weapons don't work, especially near to the bandits' lair.

In order for the hero to get to the bandits' leader he has to obtain a weapon that can work in that extreme environment. This weapon is located in the crate below the hero.

Other than that I have started working in the main mission of the desert planet. The only thing that I can reveal to you for the moment is that is going to happen in a maze-like map.

Hopefully I'll finish it the next few days and come back with more interesting details the next week.

Don't forget to send me your feedback and/or tell me about ideas/things that you would like to see in the campaign.

See you around!

Spoiler alert! Do not read below the horizontal line if you do not want to ruin this mission for you

Oh boy, this mission took me many tries to complete. This mission was somehow annoying and fun. I liked it and not. It’s difficult to explain …

The first two parts were pretty straightforward but the 3rd part was the difficult part.

At some point i finally figured out that freezing the hedgehogs first (before the mines) (and freezing them again and agin) was the way to success. Yes, I finished the mission after about … uh, forget it, I stopped counting. Big Grin

While strategy in the 3rd part is important, it seems that it is also kinda random and luck-based. The mine field is one big source of randomness. It’s is somehow both annoyingly fun and funnily annoying.

The mission is also buggy in the current version. When Thanta dies, Hedgewars hangs in the most awkward way I’ve ever seen. The screen turns blue and nothing happens any more (It’s not a bluescreen of death! It’s Hedgewars, not the operating system which hangs.) I had to kill the Hedgewars process to get rid of it. Yes, Thanta died at several tries because the stupid bots shot my hog, being near the mines, in such an awkward way that the other mines all flew to Thanta. Thanta being actually dieable changes everything, since the goal is to reach Thanta. You really should fix this.

There is also another bug. If the player hog reaches Thanta while dieing, the mission is won. This should clearly not the case; I’d consider the mission only won if the player hog reaches Thanta alive. Big Grin Yes, this also happened to me. The bazooka + mine explosions pushed the hog to Thanta.

When Thanta dies it should end the game and display the stats screen with the message that you lost, the tips etc.

I'll check this and the other bug, thanks.

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