Space Campaign, Searching in the Sand...

Hi everyone,

As promised here is the desert planet's main quest map.

Another PAotH officer who's stationed there believes that the part may be very likely inside the underground tunnels. However, these tunnels are dangerous. There are many mines and other things dumped there. Also, there are many smugglers around that look for valuable things and they won't hesitate to attack our hero in order to rob him.

In order for the hero to complete the mission he has to find the correct crate that contains the lost part.

Here is a video. As you'll see you have to watch your steps as there are some places with many mines around :)

Now, I can't say in which crate the part is but as you can see in the map it's possible to choose different ways to reach each place.

See you next week with more stuff about the campaign! Don't forget to check the TheGT 13' and send me any suggestions that you may have regarding the campaign.

I saw this mission in the latest build, branch “spacecampaign”. Is it already finished?

Because if I start this mission, my screen is flooded with millions of Lua errors and the only thing I can do is to leave the mission.

Strange, it should work. I'll check it!

It seems the Lua spam appears iff I let the opening dialog finish.
Here is the error message (the log is full of it):

Hedgewars allegedly wrote:
Lua: Error while calling onGameTick: [string "/Missions/Campaign/A_Space_Adventure/desert..."]:451: attempt to index global 'bandit1' (a nil value)

If I abort the opening dialog instead (with [Precise]), the mission starts without error. I recently updated btw.

It’s an … interesting mission. So many ways to choose. Big Grin I was able to finish it. At some point I collected a crate and the game said it was the one with the anti-gravitiy device part. I am not sure how it works. Is it randomized each time or it the part in the same crate every time or does it work differently?

I think the checkpoint system on this mission is flawed. On my second play of this mission I once got stuck at the checkpoint near Spike because I spawned there with only 5 grenades and a parachute. The wall behind my hog is closed. The only thing I could do is to kill Spike but what next? There is nowhere to go because left and right from me are so many mines. I guess I would have to restart the mission from scratch. I fear there are other ways in this mission to get caught into a “dead-end checkpoint”.
It should be possible to restart this mission from the beginning somehow.

This mission clearly needs a closer examination, it is still very buggy.

OK, thanks, I'll check it. At some point I am always skipping the dialogs so I didn't notice the bug.

You should be able to finish the game if you have collected both the two crates nearest to the bottom in not a specific order. If you have finished the mission collecting just one of that 2 crates it should be a bug.

As for the checkpoints in general I should fix that. I should probably add a check if the hero has a rope and whatever else he needs to continue before saving or something like that.

However, in the latest build only the checkpoint of your current mission last. I think that this is the best way. So, if you play/start another mission and come back to the previous one you should start from the beginning. Have in mind that if you update to the latest changes then your current progress should brake as I have changed many things regarding the variables saved.

I can send you what you should add to your Team configuration file in order to have all the current missions available if you are interested.

Again, thanks for playing and sharing your feedback Smile

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