TGT 2013: Default Tournament Round 1

Hellish Hand Grenade or hell round Hellish Hand Grenade

“It's time to fight, so grab your keyboard and mouse and have fun!...”

Before you begin, please read carefully the rules and the F.A.Q.

These screenshots will show you that the pairing for this round has been made randomly:,mHLSb04

*Solar-ALM and KompleX-d3fault are together by mistake. So they will have to play against each other. Rolling and kirintor will do another match.

Anyway here is the tournament ladder for this round:

Remember that you can use Doodle & Time Zone Converter to arrange a schedule for your game, or get in contact with each other via pm.

You will have to show us two or three demos from the games that you played, so we can check them and see if it was a fair victory.

Round One starts today and will be finished next Sunday, 15th of December. Please respect this date, it's very important for the tournament's organization.
If you have any troubles to play the games, don't be afraid to tell us!
That's all for this round!

Have fun,

Geek the Tournament Organization Team. Geek

where am i

i didn't play shoppa cup because me laptop slaws when i play shoppa but i will play it 100%

I should've been practicing but Tiy recently released the beta version of his new game Starbound and I've been playing that and TF2 lately...

Oh well, let's get ready to rumble!

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