Call for testing: 2nd alpha release for 0.9.23

Here's the second alpha (=preview) version of what will (hopefully) become version 0.9.23.

This is only an early preview version and subject to change!

Like for the first Alpha, we like to hear feedback, especially about any critical bugs (crashes, game doesn't work, etc.) and if the Downloadable Content works. If you want to help us, please test the major game features and post here if anything is broken.
Thanks for the feedback on the first Alpha! It turned out to be completely broken for most players, especially on Windows.

Aghh Hiding

These bugs (and countless others) should be fixed by now. We hope in the second Alpha you'll be able to actually see the new features.

Big Grin

For Windows users
Download 0.9.23 Windows alpha 2:

GNU/Linux users:
As always, see Building on GNU/Linux, which should still apply. But it is strongly recommended to run:

cd ~/hg/hedgewars/trunk;hg pull -u;hg up 89423b1db329;cmake .;make install

To make sure you are in sync with the Windows Alpha 2. Note you need SDL version 2 now.

Giving feedback
Please report your feedback here:

After quick testing:
-all former crashes are fixed
-the white weapon background is still there
-DLC page works, but loads few seconds
-Avast recognizes hwengine.exe as a virus (did it in alpha1 too)

Since this version finally works, maybe I should post new versions of my themes.


(exit code 217) - if click hotseat game
(exit code 4) - if click quick game
(exit code 4) if click Start fighting in campaing mode, missions and hotseat game windows

Online works but if create room - (exit code 217), if start fighting (exit code 4)

Dlc works

Doesn't crash for me on Win10. But the game camera is shifted to the down left so I can't even see weapon chooser.
Here are the screenshots:

I also have an issue with the current 0.9.22 version on Win10 - the overlay is absent in fullscreen mode.

Okay, so I will now use this forum instead of "Bugs in the new alpha version".

Tested alpha 2 and...

Good Big Grin :
No "game engine crash" message after video encode.
Practice missions now work.
Video play button works.

Bad Sad Smiley :
White border still there in weapon help bubble icons.
Fort mode still invisible (I think KoBeWi has a really good rabbit's_feet hat he's using 'cause he managed to get fort mode from alpha 1).

Unknown/new Shocking :
Splash screen now ENTIRELY absent.
Auto camera seems to behave differently. Doesn't strictly center on current hog.

PS: I know about the "smiley's" pull-down now.

@S.D.: I hope this bug will be fixed in the 3rd Alpha, but it isn't tested so far. Please stay tuned!

White border is fixed.

Invisible Fort Mode: Hmmm, you seem to be the only one for which this bug occours. Weird. Can you please post a screenshot? Are you sure you downloaded 2nd Alpha? Make sure to install it in a clean directory.

Auto camera seems to behave differently: I don't quite understand, please explain this bug (?) in more detail. Please post a demo here:

@everyone: I have now opened a thread in the forums for further Alpha discussion:

I thought I posted somewhere that I finally found fort mode. I guess it was on the "bugs in the new alpha version" forum, which, though I will change the name, I will now be moving back to. Anyway, looking forward to testing the first release. Does google Translate generally provide good enough translations? If so, I might be able to help with translating

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