Regular desync errors in 0.9.23 ? You might have a bad HWP

0.9.23 tries to catch files that might crash the game early. A few bad HWPs have been floating around that could cause this.

• Any that have an old version of the Beach theme - beach is now an official theme and they are likely to mismatch.

• Hedgecraft - unfortunately the Hedgecraft HWP was badly packaged and overrides rubber globally, instead of just in the mod.

Any lua script that modifies key images that could change the map like girder, rubber or theme objects needs to be packaged like this:
MAIN.HWP → script.lua, script.hwp

With the override graphics of the script.hwp kept safely tucked away.

That way script.hwp will only be loaded when script.lua is launched.

Hi, nemo i want to know more about the android version i know its to late but i want to have it because i cant in pc or IOS, but if you can help compiling the app for android that will be amazing, thank you

Hi Superbuu - I invited you to come by our IRC to discuss, but you've never stayed around long enough.
You also pinged me on the game server, but again left before I could reply.

Please stay a bit longer? I sent you an email along those lines btw. ☺

Thank you nemo

Where i can find the link?
But thank you nemo you are the best admin

Since you came by IRC once I'm gonna guess I don't have to give you a link Smile

You left shortly after joining and about half an hour before I had a chance to check the channel though.

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