0.9.24 Release Candidate 1


The next Hedgewars release is in the works.

Release Candidate 1 for 0.9.24 is here!
This is not the official 0.9.24 release yet, just a preview version for testing. Please report bugs! Smile

Highlights include a fully reworked tutorial, the minigun, reworked themes when in Sudden Death and lots of smaller improvements.

Read the preliminary changelog here!

For Windows users
Download 0.9.24 Release Candidate 1: Hedgewars-0.9.24-RC1.zip

GNU/Linux users:
As always, see Building on GNU/Linux, which should still apply. But it is strongly recommended to run:

cd ~/hg/hedgewars/trunk;hg pull -u;hg up 6313386c851e;cmake .;make install

To make sure you are in sync with the Windows version. Note you need Qt version 5.0.0 (or later) now.

Info for Translators
If you want to translate Hedgewars, now is the perfect time to do so!
As before, we promise not to change any strings before the next release (the so-called string freeze).
See Translations for details and/or talk to us in our chatroom.

Hi Wuzzy,

I tried, but got the following message:
"This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "windows" in "".
Reinstalling the application may fix the problem.

I'm a Windows10 user.

Windows build is broken: https://i.imgur.com/F3HvKOk.png

We have currently tons of other Windows users reporting the exact same problem as you two just did.

Well, that's why we do these release candidates, to see if it's broken! Big Grin

Thanks for testing, I hope we will be able to release a fixed version soon.

Hello again! There was a indeed a problem with the Windows package. A new version has been uploaded. No new version number. Windows users please re-download.

Thanks! Now it works. There's a small problem tho:

The dot ammo scheme always appears after running game. Even if you delete it. On first import, it was in schemes directory, but now it isn't and still appears in game.

Actually, the ..hwa appears in the directory. It's re-created on each launch.

Checked the minigun. As soon as I get a Windows machine again I want to try and create the final battle from portal, and the minigun might make other lelevs possible as well. We needed this. The ball gun was just too random.

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