[Bug] [fixed] Undead hog

Hw 0.9.25

Please, in future, include the text “[Bug]” in the title when you upload demos that include bugs.

Thanks for the upload nonetheless! I would never have found this bug on my own. Big Grin

I have edited the title this time, but I can't check every single demo.

About this demo:
This demo is demonstrating a bug in 0.9.25. When the hedgehog activates kamikaze, there's a short “idle” phase before it actually launches (doStepKamikazeIdle).

In this demo, the hedgehog activates kamikaze but instantly takes damage by flames during this “idle” phase. Weird things happen after this. The hedgehog doesn't die, but also levitates and doesn't take damage anymore.

Today I have fixed this bug in commit a0bb57d3d272. The kamikaze attack will just be aborted if the hog takes damage in this idle phase and the hedgehog behaves like when it takes damage normally. But the ammo is still taken away from you. It's a pretty rare situation, so it shouldn't affect gameplay too much.


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