DLC issues for Hedgewars 1.0.0 on Windows

[Update 2021-12-02] Thanks to sheepluva for a manual fix to our cert, 1.0.0 direct link should work again in Windows. However, the unit22 link will not, at least for now.

One of the interesting things about Windows is that almost all distribution is similar to the "Snap/Flatpak" model - instead of distros managing packaging and updating with a single library used by hundreds of apps, all libraries have to be included by the app, with hundreds of copies of the library instead. This lack of unified package management probably explains 20GB C:\Windows\Installer folders too.

It appears the version of OpenSSL in the 1.0.0 Hedgewars is no longer functioning with DLC. This could be due to: https://scotthelme.co.uk/lets-encrypt-old-root-expiration/

As a workaround pending a new release, Windows users can access the DLC page here (it's the exact same page that is shown in client):

You can then download the HWPs off that page and manually copy them to your Data folder which should be My Documents/Hedgewars/Data. The icon in the lower right on the DLC page should also open this folder and should still work.

Thank y'all for your effort

Snap/Flatpak model ... distros managing packaging ... 20GB Installer folders too

this also explains why windows applications 'just work'
this also explains why it requires rocket science knowledge to install tensorflow with gpu support on linux, not to mention how hard it usually is to maintain the build stack in rare case when you decided to compile a linux program distributed as source code
this also explains why you can store a single windows installshield executable for years on your PC, knowing for sure that 8, 10, 15 years from now you can launch it and use it, whether you gonna find yourself on a polar station in Arctic, in a bunker 250 meters under the surface, or on Mars
doesnt work that way with linux; a single 15 KB package absent - you re finished, without internet connection your whole computer is a pile of wooden planks

If you really really want that level of hardening, just run statifier, or even more reliably, a qemu image to capture all the things.

Most of the time, that is not necessary and a huge maintainability and security risk. Half the work Windows VMs are almost out of usable space due to this issue. Was getting tired of compressing the drive, uninstalling everything imaginable, and *still* having half the image space taken up by installers for products that were removed years ago but that Windows has no idea if they might possibly maybe have done something that might interact with something else in some unknown way.

Oh, and Windows is *absolutely* not that reliable at long-term compatibility. After upgrading a lawyer friend's computers to Windows 8, all their accounting software stopped working. Even in emulation modes. The only fix I found, amusingly, was to install a VirtualBox Ubuntu, and run the software in Wine. (That or pay an ungodly amount of money to go through a bunch of upgrades and iffy data migrations to get to the officially supported version)

Hello everyone I'm super happy that you guys are working on these Open source games ????
I am looking for someone who can help me build a mod of this game this is a job offering

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