Is there a way to make our own addon weapons?

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Being an open-source game, i don't understand how i can't find entirely new/unique weapons made by community and not just devs. Is something in the code preventing everyone but devs to add new weapons without having to wait for an update? I mean community makes hats, maps, schemes, scripts and whatnot yet when it comes to weapons it seems you can only change the skin and scripts and some minor stuff. I mean if Worms Armageddon can have Project X, why not make such a tool for Hedgewars so we can make whatever weapon we want?

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It definely would require all participants to have that weapon installed separately in order to work, similarily to scripts themselves along with themes if neccesary. Also, aren't scripts themselves the key here? If the weapon was instailed separately, it might conflict with weapon-oriented script features. (only last slots in rows 9 and 10 are free, any other requires massive script reliance to work).

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I think there are a few factors here:
-the game is extremely unpopular, so no one bothers to do anything serious
-if you modify the source to add new stuff, you need to distribute the modified game (although there is high chance that your changes will be accepted and speed up the next update)
-the game is difficult to build from source if you are not using Linux

The first factor is the most important. If the userbase was as big as Armageddon's, people would definitely do some crazy stuff, given how easy it is to modify the game (it's open-source after all).

New weapons are somewhat possible with LUA scripts, but the possibilities are quite limited and it's more hacking than coding if you want something completely new.

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