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5 years! PAotH Comics 116-120

As of the 26th, this PAotH comic has been around for 5 years! Wow, that's certainly something. Anyway, you can catch up with older comics by going here: and if you want to see the newest comics: And now, for some very special comics on this very special day:






Oh, and I'm probably not gonna put these on the front page anymore after this. Not really any reason to have them here. :P

Still Alive! PAotH Comic 111-115!

Oh, hey look, I'm still making comics! I've just been taking my sweet time, sorry! If you want to catch up with older comics then go here: and if you want to see the newest comics before I post them on the front page then go here:






We're back for realsies! PAotH Comics 106-110

Another long break, but the Hedgewars PAotH comics are back, for now! Catch up on earlier comics here:






Hopefully this time I won't take another long hiatus. ;)

Star's Crazy Adventure Returns! PAotH Comics 100 1/2 - 105

Well, it's been a long 6 months, but Star and the PAotH crew officially back in business! If you'd like to catch up by reading older comics, then check here.

Comic 100 1/2:

Comic 101:

Comic 102:

(Then there was a period spanning about 6 months where I didn't post any comics)
Comic 103:

Comic 104:

Comic 105:

PAotH Comics 96-100!

That's right! Today we reach a grand total of 100 PAotH comics, and in good timing. Today is Halloween Hedgewars' 9th Birthday! Happy Birthday Hedgwars!

If you'd like to see previous PAotH issues, go here.

And here it is, the grand 100th comic!

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