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Hedgewars on the iPhone?? perhaps one day...

Let me first clarify that the blog posts across the internet claiming that an iPhone version is "near completion" are nowhere near the truth!

In fact the idea of porting the game originally started one year ago, but was soon dismissed because of lack of manpower/equipment. Everything remained silent until i joined development and i was proposed to resume developing the iPhone version; i was shocked by this because i never did anything with the iPhone and my SDL/Pascal was (and still is) very limited! However i received so much help by unC0Rr, nemo, tiy and many other people at #hedgewars that all together we managed to pull something off! With a lot of patience and trial&error, here's what we've got so far:


What we're showing now is a very BASIC demo, running in the iPhone simulator! The code compiles fine and graphics too, but there is still no support for audio and no way to control the game. This is where current development is at the moment, but now you can rest assured that you'll see one iPhone version of your favourite game in the future!!!

Smile and shine

hey, I'm back!
I'm sorry I wasn't around in time for release, but the trip is over and I can catch up!

So here's the (slow) mirror link for Hedgewars 0.9.11: DOWNLOAD
use this until the build is uploaded to the official server

There are some improvements and bug fixes, most notably
- gameserver is now available
- single button right click correctly works
- support for Tiger added

This release is Intel only as there are some major issues in the engine for non-x86 architectures! Unfortunately until i get a PPC Macintosh i won't be able to fix them!

Enjoy (or not)

Universality and other stories

Hello people!
I'm here to report an exciting feature for the next Mac OS X build!

Hedgewars is finally a UNIVERSAL application!

This means that, unlike the current build, which is for Intel Leopards only, will run on PowerPC and Intel Macs, as well as Leopard and Tiger!

This means two new architectures and two new systems officially supported! So now any Mac user will be able to play Hedgewars, no excuses!

To celebrate the occasion I've updated the compilation guide, available here!

In other stories I've finally written some documentation for launching hwengine from command line! There's room for improvement, so go read it here

Koda out

The day before tomorrow

Hi everyone,
so it appears that Tiyuri's days of dictatorship of this blog have ended! In fact here I am, announcing the release date for 0.9.10!

I'm Koda (aka Vittorio Giovara) and I've contributed to port the game to Mac OS X systems; I tried to make the game as mac-like aspossible, but if you find some glitches, come and speak to me in the IRC chats!

Onto the big news anyways, Hedgewars 0.9.10 is coming out TOMORROW, coming with some neat new weapons, enhancements to the game engine and improved os integration.

Remember, spread the word, synchronize your clocks, don't make any appointments, because 0.9.10 is coming out TOMORROW!

and have a super special awesome happy easter Smile

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