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finally on MacAppstore, future gci?

So finally we got 0.9.16 approved and published on the Mac App Store

What's up for the future? Maybe we are joining the Google Code In challenge, stay tuned (and submit ideas for tasks)

 updates

Soo I obviously wasn't around when 0.9.16 was released :D
Buut I come with good news!

For Mac users, Hedgewars binary for 0.9.16 is now available and it is downloadable from the Download page. This bundle is compatible with any PowerPc or Intel Mac running Tiger or greater cats.

A 64bits build, optimized for Snow Leopard and above will be available from the MacAppstore shortly, as soon as they bless the update.

But that's not all! Also the iOS version has received an update and it has already been approved! This one fixes the glitch reported on retina display devices.

Finally, we are celebrating 1 year on the AppStore by making it free for a week! Good times...

GSoC final thoughts for Hedgewars

What an exciting summer!
This was our first participation in the Google Summer of Code initiative and we manage to survive to the end!

The fun began when we were accepted and had to provide the ideas list to be discussed with the students: as a silly statistic, I do remember that people joining our IRC channel increased by 20% during that time.

We indeed didn't expect so much interest, and my best guess is that it was because it's always fun to code for a game and Hedgewars in particular offered a lot uncommon initiatives, like programming with FreePascal or experimenting with SDL-1.3.

The only silver lining of our experience lies in the fact that of the limited slots we were given (2), one wasn't carried out at all and the AI implementation had to be called off. Perhaps a more experienced organization might have noticed subtle hints from the student and avoided this situation, but what counts is that we learned our lesson and will be able to scrutinize our students better in the future.

On the other hand, we've had an outstanding success in our second project, Hedgewars on Android: the student was able to fulfill the task requirements and implement a few optional features in the time allocated. Also he documented his code (rarity!) and interacted with developers of our dependencies. What I particularly liked was the fact that also all our active developers helped in this project with testing and suggestions.

So I feel like we've all had our share of fun, gathering ideas from the community, sorting out students' proposals, managing students' work and achieving results.

Release time! iOS port has an update

Hey everybody!
While we're almost finished with baking 0.9.16 we thought it would be good to update our iOS branch!
Today Hedgewars-iOS 1.3 has been released on the appstore! Several sections of the app have been completely rewritten, so even though the UI didn't change, it should feel like an entirely new game to you!

The most prominent update is automatic game restoration, so that if you are not able to complete the match for any reason (like *cough* a crash) you'll be prompted to resume it from where you left it!

Plus there is new content, weapons and stuff! Consider this update a sneak peek of 0.9.16 Wink Smiley

Check it out: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hedgewars/id391234866?l=it&ls=1&mt=8

iNews & GSoC update

Hello everyone,
here are a couple of background news that occurred lately, regarding Mac, iOS and GSoC

* A new build of 0.9.15 has been published on the MacAppStore to grant compatibility with upcoming Lion OSX; per "compatibility" i mean a crash due to a bug/ABI change that prevents the engine to open. Please update if you wish to play under Lion;
* We took some time to write the guide to compile Hedgewars on iOS here; please try it out and send comments
* Unfortunately the GSoC project for improving AI has been cancelled due to lack of communication

In the upcoming weeks it will happen that
- an iOS 1.3 version should be published
- hopefully a guide for building the Android versioin will be added to the wiki
- we will review and release the midterm evaluation for the remaining GSoC project

That's all for now Smile

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