Random hedgewars.org subdomains allowed

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Yay, I got my own subdomain:


These domains “work” as well:

And so on …

And YOU, yes YOU have your own subdomain as well! Just insert your name in front of “.hedgewars.org”! Isn't that great?

Big Grin

OK, enough sarcasm for now.

Basically any subdomain of hedgewars.org seems to “work”. Well, not really. As soon as you click any link while on these subdomains, you get error 404.

I guess they all should either be rejected altogehter or redirect to hedgewars.org (of course, exceptions apply: issues.hedgewars.org, hg.hedgewars.org, etc.).

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Heh. We kinda knew our current setup allowed this, but didn't really think of it as a problem until you brought it up.

TBH, still kinda apathetic, but I guess I can see it could be used in mildly naughty fashion.


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