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So I'm experimenting with Lua and found that documentation is really hard to work with. I ended up with 10+ browser tabs of LuaAPI page and reference tables. I think we should make a proper API section.

I was making Company of Heroes maps with Lua dialect called SCAR and devs made a very good ScarDoc. I think we need something like this. I'm not sure if there are programs designed to make documentation for Lua, but I've found a Lua plugin for Doxygen. I use Doxygen to make documentation for my C++ code. example.

If there's a demand for such thing I guess I can do it myself. Thoughts?

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The LuaAPI page in the HWKB completely hand-written, nothing is automated. There are a few functions which are not documented on this page, but luckily those are not the important ones.
If Hedgewars would use something like Doxygen, this would help A LOT indeed.

Hi, I am a Hedgewars developer. Smile

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