[Forum] Make Comic Section in Forum (And its standing beside Demos !!!)

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Hello Hedgewars Realm Wink Smiley !!!

I really want to see a Section for Comics in our Hedgewars Forum beside others forum section
I hope devs would do this so 'Forum Activity' can be boosted as well as response probability for new comics, not just in a post (which seem regular as other post)
I think if there a Comic Section which Independently stand for Comics only in our forum, can bring more (slightly) popularity potential, rise forum activity chance (to do something here), increase fan base environment (fan fan fan!), active member lifespan can be 'potentially lengthen', and can be some inspiration object for later (being a concept of theme or etc), and etc...

If you understand what I mean about profit for doing this (well, you wouldn't understand my bad grammar mess above, anyway xD)
Then this should be a good idea IMO (as a to-do)

But wait...
One thing to be obvious -> This can ONLY HAPPEN when WE WANT IT
otherwise, when we don't want to Rise Hedgewars, then this may not happen at all -> Just an idea

Think about this while
REMEMBER : ONLY if you want to rise Hedgewars into a better place

Okay then
I think it's less than good suggestion
just an Opinion though ^^

If you see my mistake around here, then I'll apologize
and please correct me then
or comment about this, adding more idea to this idea surely make a better idea!!! (lol)

GO COMIC >_< !!!!!


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I mean, if there were a lot of people making comics here, then I'd be all for this idea, but at the moment it seems pretty overkill.

If you or anybody else wants to make a comic, I say just create a thread in the General Discussion or Content Creation subforums, at the moment there's really no need for anything more. It's not as if the comic won't get seen this way. :P

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